Bogotá under Quarantine

A uncharacteristic quiet hangs over Bogotá as the city considers the current quarantine and the very real possibility that this could be extended for longer, perhaps into April and potentially May. Wind chimes hanging on neighouring balconies are heard for the fist time, residents now wake to birdsong and not the voices of early risers clustered around the corner coffee and empanada vendor.

Another beautiful sunset over Bogotá
The Zona G is normally a bustling area of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. It’s now bereft of clientele and many of the businesses are closed while others are open just for home delivery service.
We are under lockdown, what of the thousands of homeless people in Bogotá?
The financial centre of Bogotá, Carrera Septima and Calle 72.
Carrera Septima and Calle 67.

Bogotá feels empty, in fact the city is far from empty. This is Bogotá under quarantine.

Maria Roa stands at the corner of Calle 71 and Carrera 4 selling toothbreaker candies. Come rain, shine or the Corona Virus, she can be found here.
Carrera 9 and Calle 72.
“No Estas Sola,” a piece of graffiti on the Carrera Septima and Calle 67 was painted some years ago as a memorial for a victim of gender-based violence. The words now seem prescient.
A Rappi courier earns a rest. Many of these guys are Venezuelans with few options for work. Now, they seem to work relentlessly, all day and night making deliveries of food, medicines and even do cash advances.
Couriers wait outside the 24 hr pharmacy.
“Todo va estar bien,” an optimistic sign in an apartment window. Below a military policemen strolls. #yomequedoencasa

How will this end?

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