Bogota City 57 1

Help our city, help Bogota! Think of her when you are voting on June 15 in the second round of the presidential elections. Demand a political manifesto from the two candidates, there are 20 days left and we still don’t know what they are proposing for the capital.


Bogota City 57 1

Bad administration after bad administration has brought Bogota down. There have always been problems but, we have reached a level of development that would suggest that some of these issues could be confined to the past. Do you recall that Bogota won (paid for?) the C40 & Siemens inaugural City Climate Leadership Award for excellence in urban sustainability and urban transportation in 2013.

Bogota 57 1

Bogota’s streets, polluted, rutted and sidewalks covered in trash

Just look at the collage above. Polluting bus on the Carrera Septima (sustainable urban transportation?), the rutted Calle 65 where presidential hopeful Oscar Ivan Zuluaga’s headquarter’s is located and finally, piles of trash on the Carrera 9 in the much sought after area of town known as Quinta Camacho.

voting in colombia

Get out there and vote people of Colombia

So, vote with intelligence residents of Bogota City 57 1. I would ask you to be more active than Mesa 72 in the Candelaria – where clearly everything is just peachy – since just two people turned out to vote.

an ordinary day in Bogota

a policeman shakes down a couple of office workers smoking a joint in their lunch break, the army guards downtown and a gentleman finds a screwdriver pretty useful

Bogota has been forgotten by a political class solely bent on personal gain. And yet she is lauded in guidebooks and hastily composed articles in the mainstream media, the city needs our help, we need to demand that she once again is worthy of being referred to as the Athens of South America. Apparently this current misnomer is due to the well educated citizenry residing here. I tried hard to remember that the other day when my wife detailed her experience on a city bus when, the driver upon being cut off by a taxi, alighted and threatened to have a brawl in the street with the other driver.


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