Anti Uribe Graffiti

Looking through my files and photographs from almost ten years of wanderings of life here in Colombia, I came across a number of pieces of Anti Uribe graffiti. Here are a few for you to enjoy. I have not been out exploring recently, but I am sure there are more pieces of graffiti in the same illustrative vein.


No Mas Uribe: Anti Uribe Graffit

No Mas Uribe: Anti Uribe Graffiti

No Mas Uribe: This piece was stencilled on to a barrier wall put up around the building site which existed before the Holiday Inn was built on the Avenida Septima between Calles 67 and 68.

Parako by @DjLu: Anti Uribe Graffiti

Parako by @DjLu: Anti Uribe Graffiti

Parako: Perhaps one of the most extreme pieces of graffiti I have ever seen when it comes to an Anti Uribe graffiti message. There’s no doubting the references made here to the heinous behaviour carried out by certain paramilitary groups and their preferred method of disposing of people – the chain saw. Lest these poor victims be forgotten – Triple HP. This was painted over very soon after it was put up, but I managed to capture the image on the Carrera 9 between Calles 57 and 58 in Chapinero.

Pueblo Ignorante

Pueblo Ignorante

Pueblo Ignorante: I’ll admit, this isn’t necessarily a piece of anti Uribe graffiti, more likely something directed at the ruling political class in general and their seemingly unwavering desire to continue the conflict. This, like all of the other pieces of graffiti is no more but was spotted along the Carrera Septima near to the Calle 55.

Raining Munitions

Raining Munitions

Raining Munitions: I don’t know what this picture is called but I find it compelling in its message. For me, it’s another demonstration through art that we in the city have no idea of what is going on in the Colombian countryside. Peace or a continuation of the conflict, it seems that Colombia’s campesinos will continue to suffer due to the private interests of many of those in the Senate and in Congress. This image was seen on the Carrera Septima around the Calle 52.

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  1. Rich says:

    I guess I'm old since I remember anti-Landazábal graffiti.

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