A Colombia Calling inspired Christmas gift list! 

A Colombia Calling inspired Christmas gift list! 

It’s that time of the year, and this year feels distinctly more festive than last, and those of us unaware of VAT free days, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the like will find ourselves scrambling for Christmas gifts for loved ones. So, here we’re going to revisit some of the Colombia Calling podcast episodes for the last couple of years in which people have some interesting things on offer. 

Have a browse and perhaps support a few of our mutual friends.


We’ve been fortunate enough to attract a good number of authors on to the podcast and each one has a story to tell. 

Episode 394Every Day the River Changes by Jordan Salama.

Episode 385The Last Turtlemen of the Caribbean by Sharika D Crawford. 

Episode 382Colombia, A Comedy of Errors (2nd ed) by Sergio Lievano and Victoria Kellaway

Episode 373Unbound: Stories of Transformation, Love, and Monsters, story contributed by Angela Sierra. 

Episode 355Magical Disinformation by Lachlan Page. 

Episode 346Magdalena, River of Dreams: a Story of Colombia, by Wade Davis. 

Episode 332Darien, A Journey in Search of Empire by John McKendrick. 

Episode 329the Anthill by Julianne Pachico. 

Episode 320 and 302: Kilo: Inside the Deadliest Cocaine Cartels―from the Jungles to the Streets by Toby Muse. 

Episode 315Colombia Es Pasion!: How Colombia’s Young Racing Cyclists Came of Age by Matt Rendell. 

Not featured yet but surely in the works, please check out the latest forthcoming book from the Bogotá Writers, “You Are Someone Else Now.”


Episode 345Selva Gin with Vincent Pollard and check out his cocktail book: Behind Bars: High Class Cocktails Inspired by Low Life Gangsters.

Colombian Coffee

Our friends at the Colombian Coffee Connection have rebranded to become Native Root, look no further for excellent, locally sourced coffee from Colombia. 

Something a little different!

Also, coming up on Episode 405, something somewhat different, check out Secretos for all your sex toy needs.

Support a Charity

…and if you are feeling altruistic, then perhaps take a look at some of the charities we have featured on the podcast and consider donating to a good cause.

Episode 370Fundación Aguilas de los Andes with Ana Maria Morales. 

Episode 366Children Change Colombia with Angela Maria Carreño. 

Episode 352Piano Móvil with Diego Franco. 

Thank you

Finally, Emily Hart and myself continue to be overwhelmed with the support we have been receiving on both Patreon and Ko-Fi, thank you to all of those of you out there far and wide who continue to believe in the Colombia Calling podcast enough to part with your hard-earned cash. 


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