Visiting Caño Cristales, Colombia

Caño Cristales is a phenomenon. Caño Cristales is “el rio mas bonito del mundo”. Caño Cristales does not disappoint. All of the aforementioned statements are true, but they do not do this anomaly of nature any justice until you have seen the blossoming of the telltale burgundy and red Macarenia clavígera plants found just beneath the Read more about Visiting Caño Cristales, Colombia[…]

the Colombian Conflict: Focus on the Macarena

There is only so much that I can share about this return to the Macarena. It was an academic trip, not journalistic, and thus perhaps the most interesting details will remain unwritten, but fear not, there is still plenty to consider. I was here in 2012 and had the opportunity then to see Caño Cristales Read more about the Colombian Conflict: Focus on the Macarena[…]

Villavicencio: the Finca Paradise

It’s taken eight years of living here in Colombia to finally get down to the Llanos Orientales and Villavicencio. Really, this is shameful given Villavicencio’s proximity to Bogotá along a serpentine highway descent from the altiplano leaving the capital via Usme and then reaching la Puerta al Llano roughly two hours later. In truth it’s Read more about Villavicencio: the Finca Paradise[…]

The End of Journalism…

…and the beginning of something new? Call it a midlife crisis (my birthday is approaching, send me a gift), call it a period of deep introspection, call it whatever you like, the long and short of it is that I have been a freelance journalist for 15 years and journalism as it is today is Read more about The End of Journalism…[…]

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