Editorial Quest

And so, 2012. Kick out the jams, strip away the chaff of daily writing routines and commitments to try and aim for something more permanent, something more economically and intellectually rewarding. But, of course, this doesn’t pay. The idea of an ebook has been mooted and of course I have investigated the theme. However the reality of perhaps only selling one copy on the back of a furious social media campaign and earning a mere $1 (or less!) for so much dedication and graft seems far from appealing. So, another year and further challenges, but without 2012 should be pivotal in my literary effort, and hell, someone should read what I write about, after all, people are now starting to arrive in fair numbers to the hotel that Alba and I created in the middle of nowhere. It has been an adventure, one that the author John Gimlette would lap up and that Peter Mayle  would document. So, what is stopping me? Frankly nothing, just the need to earn money, support my small family and continue living. But, in theory, this side of things should be a breeze, Mompos has so far been an eye opener and an experience that has given rise to laughter, tears, joy and frustration, often in far from equal measures. Surely, an Englishman, a journalist, lost in Mompos, observing Colombia and uncovering histories long forgotten alongside contemporary events must have something to share that of interest to others? I certainly hope so.

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Anglo-Canadian resident in Colombia. Journalist, Writer, Hotelier, Expedition Guide
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    and I came across this blog today which is perfectly related: http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2012/01/03/25-thi

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