#21E, Demonstrations in Colombia to begin on 21/1

Spiderman should be at every demonstration, just seeing him up and hanging from the bough of this tree in front of the Parque Nacional in November 2019 (#N21), during the demonstration which kicked off scores more, lifted spirits and maintained an atmosphere revelry. Where can I get a spiderman outfit…better yet, a ninja costume? 

In all seriousness, aside from using this platform as a vehicle by which to post my favourite photograph from the initial protest, please keep in mind that the demonstration season looks set to begin on Tuesday. So, what more can we suggest than to stay safe and use your common sense if you plan on attending. 

I attended the pro peace march back in the day with my son, after the peace agreement with the FARC failed in 2016, with my son. It was peaceful, meaningful and important. But, you could tell well in advance that it would be this way. So, my advice is to keep an eye on the movements of the ESMAD (riot police), usually located a few blocks from any specific flashpoints, and look for people with masks obsuring their faces, usually this means trouble. 

We’ll be sure to cover some more of these events in Colombia and more on the Colombia Calling podcast as soon as we locate interesting people who can speak with confidence about such subjects. 

Please consider pledging a few dollars to the campaign so that Colombia Calling can continue to grow and improve and be sure to tune in on this coming Tuesday when we host Jim “james peligroso” Davies on the show to reveal some of his incredible anecdotes including: a link to the French Foreign Legion, a dog on a roof, a naked brawl and a curry house in the Colombian city of Cali!  

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