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Scribbled down to clarify a few things: the peace dialogues with the FARC

Anyone expecting a tome from me regarding the peace dialogues between the FARC guerrillas and the Colombian Government is going to be disappointed. But bear with me, there’s a few things that need to be clarified. Since the Santos government … Continue reading

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the Colombian Conflict: Focus on the Macarena

There is only so much that I can share about this return to the Macarena. It was an academic trip, not journalistic, and thus perhaps the most interesting details will remain unwritten, but fear not, there is still plenty to … Continue reading

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Celebrate! Colombia Calling Hits New Heights

Some weeks ago, I wrote about how happy and satisfied I was with my niche market podcast Colombia Calling radio, but, I have to share the incredible news. My podcast magazine about and for Colombia is making waves. On the … Continue reading

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Bogotá Stereotype No4: The Hijo Bon Bril

This Bogotá stereotype No4: the Hijo Bon Bril, probably makes no sense whatsoever to many of you. But, let me assure you now that the Bon Bril certainly exists and is stronger and more prevalent than ever in Colombian society! … Continue reading

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