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One more step forward in Colombia

In early November a senate committee in Colombia passed a bill towards the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. There’s still some way to go before this might actually become a reality, but it’s one more step forward in Colombia … Continue reading

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A sit down with the Bogotá Writers

Creative writing has hardly ever been my forte, I am a journalist by trade and therefore try as best I may to stay within the limits of creativity as defined by the facts of the story as it is delivered … Continue reading

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Jumping from the Tree

With temperatures routinely tipping the mercury to 35 degrees well into the evening in Mompos, it comes as no surprise that some take to jumping from the trees into the river to cool down. Were I not closer to 40 … Continue reading

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The Footloose American: Did you know Hunter S Thompson Travelled Colombia?

I won’t lie, as a budding journalist I long harboured a desire to write in a gonzo fashion such as was made so irreversibly famous by the late Hunter S Thompson. Holed up in my rented room in Washington Heights, … Continue reading

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