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The Mompos to Bogota Oddyssey

All too often I am found writing about Colombia’s poor infrastructure and with a particular reference to my travels in and around the region of Mompos, but, this last journey back to Bogota was nothing short of an Odyssey. This … Continue reading

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New Levels of Acceptance in Mompos: Meeting my Godson

Over the years of blogging and freelancing I have frequently made mention of the levels of acceptance that the inhabitants of the town of Mompos have shown to me. Some time ago I spoke of Sonia, the smiling lady who … Continue reading

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The Real Heroes of Mompos

Much is made of my adopted home town with her Andaluz style architecture so delicately balanced parallel to the Brazo de Mompós branch of the Magdalena River, the bats swooping down low beneath street lamps as darkness falls, geckos scurrying … Continue reading

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