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Julian Assange Meets Crisp: More Street Art in Bogota

Zipping along the Avenida Caracas (crack ass) in Chapinero, Bogota a few months ago a new set of graffiti murals struck my eye as I headed south from Calle 60, no, I was not mistaken, there he was, Julian Assange. … Continue reading

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No Man is a Prophet in his Own Land: The Gustavo Petro Interview

When Bogota, Colombia’s Andean capital city awakes, the thin high altitude air enables an uninterrupted urban panorama punctuated only with pine covered mountains. This paradisiacal image, however, vanishes once the daily commute begins and gives way to traffic-heavy thoroughfares, packed … Continue reading

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The End of Journalism…

…and the beginning of something new? Call it a midlife crisis (my birthday is approaching, send me a gift), call it a period of deep introspection, call it whatever you like, the long and short of it is that I … Continue reading

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