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More Images of the Aftermath of the “Paro Nacional Agrario”

My taxi driver this morning was indignant, he was full of contempt for Bogota’s mayor Gustavo Petro, hatred for the President Juan Manuel Santos and possessed even more vitriol towards those who had turned a peaceful march – the Paro … Continue reading

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Images of the “Paro Nacional Agrario” in Chapinero, Bogota

The “Paro Nacional Agrario” which has engulfed Colombia is rapidly spiraling out of control. President Santos’ reticence to address the concerns of the most impoverished and overlooked sector of society, the farmers, has become a major cause for concern. Road … Continue reading

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Reflections on Travel to Aruba

Imagine, if you will, the beige desert geography and texture of Colombia’s Guajira peninsula, the high rise hotels to rival any intermediary US city, beaches that are as if plucked from travel brochures and require no filter to photograph and … Continue reading

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Who is Reporting the News in Colombia?

Believe it or not I am a creature of habit and my daily routine here in Colombia is to have the news switched on first thing every morning as I brew my coffee and prepare to walk the dog. It … Continue reading

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