As I wrote elsewhere, 2012 is going to present challenges on all fronts. Challenges to maintain, increase and better the income and quality provided in the Casa Amarilla, challenges to get back into journalism despite the disappearance of a magazine that I wrote for frequently, looking into newer fields, and of course challenges presented as a family.

But, life in Colombia presents different opportunities, and not everything is measured or defined by economic success as in other cultures and therefore I feel that there is a greater permissiveness towards someone in my position that creates and generates an income under his own auspices and own steam. I can write when it suits, I can promote my hotel and meet with travel agencies, I can guide when I have time, and then, when permitted, a trip here or a trip there to ensure that the creative juices continue and that I can then have further material for articles.


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Anglo-Canadian resident in Colombia. Journalist, Writer, Hotelier, Expedition Guide
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