Shoe Shiners in Lourdes Park


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You can stroll through the paved side of Lourdes Park where the iconic church faces the Carrera 13 and with the exception of those shining shoes or selling mobile phone minutes, at any point within 50 yards in every direction from where you stand, people will be busying themselves in doing nothing at all.

the shoe shiner's equipment

the shoe shiner’s equipment

Today I decided to get my shoes shined. I call it Lustrar, a word learnt from time spent in Central America but here

Sunday Morning Portrait of Bogota’s Avenida Caracas


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Days of the week don’t carry any significance before 7am on the Avenida Caracas. Steel shutters are firmly down, padlocks in place, perhaps the only change seen is in the people and the new gangland tags, scrawled and skewed onto private property.

A reciclador on the Avenida Caracas

A reciclador on the Avenida Caracas

The Avenida Caracas, once a regal boulevard of mansions and opulence, is today in sections a version of Bogota’s own Delmar Divide. I am walking through Chapinero, first passing alongside the

The Colombian Government will walk away from the Negotiating table


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An Open Letter to the FARC in Havana, Cuba


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In your haste and desire to push for a bilateral ceasefire, smelling blood in the water within President Santos’ government, you have done yourselves irreversible damage in the eyes of the long-suffering Colombian public. It may be that the international mainstream media has not covered the oil spills and widespread savage crimes against the natural environment that is deserved, but, those who read the news and those who are informed on

Don’t Hold Your Breath


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So, news was leaked via La F.M. radio station this morning informing listeners of a mass legal process to be levied at the FARC guerrilla group in coming days. Good news on the surface, but don’t hold your breath.

the FARC emblem

the FARC emblem

The story

Apparently the Colombian Attorney General’s Office has been investigating and preparing a case against members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC rebels) as a whole and which will be presented in the coming days. This