Update on the 1741 Commemorative Plaque in Cartagena


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Back in early November Colombian news was inundated with trolling comments and editorials expressing outrage regarding the commemorative plaque in Cartagena placed as a memorial for the fallen soldiers in the battle that took place in the city in 1741.


The statue of Blas de Lezo in front of the Castillo San Felipe in Cartagena, Colombia

It was frankly all a bit ridiculous. There are far more pressing issues to be debated in Cartagena. Revisionism aside, it really

A Year of Transition


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This will not be the final blog entry of the year but, as I reflect on the year that has been 2014, it is hard for me not to use a startling cliché, but it really has been a year of transition for me. When I think back of how the year started, I really took a long time to push the lift-off button and get into the flow of things. We remained in Mompos until late January and then went on holiday to

One more step forward in Colombia


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In early November a senate committee in Colombia passed a bill towards the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. There’s still some way to go before this might actually become a reality, but it’s one more step forward in Colombia on this issue. I find myself asking the question: “What would the marimberos of yesteryear think of all of this?”

El Heraldo Senator Juan Manuel Galan drinks his coca tea provided by Roy Barreras. Courtesy of El

A sit down with the Bogotá Writers


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Creative writing has hardly ever been my forte, I am a journalist by trade and therefore try as best I may to stay within the limits of creativity as defined by the facts of the story as it is delivered or suggested by a source, so, it was a great pleasure some weeks ago to be invited to participate in a sit down and feedback session with the Bogotá Writers. I suppose these groups exist all over the place, but this was my first time participating in something of this nature and how exciting to know that something