“Was Gabo an Irishman?” Book Signing May 1, FILBo 2015


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In Bogotá, a Spanish humanitarian worker attends a funeral without a body, as a storm of yellow butterflies swirls outside. In the jungle, an English anthropologist finds a tiny peace community fighting to preserve their way of life. And, somewhere in the Andes, an Australian coffee farmer confronts a guava-throwing witch in his tree. This collection brings together 26 personal essays by writers from across the world, all of whom have lived in Gabriel García Márquez’s homeland.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Poster for the book signing of: “Was Gabo

Feeling it in Colombia: Doing Without


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Of course right at this very moment, I am to be found in a process of and semi-permanent state of reflection and these words banged into my keyboard are reminiscent of a narrative stream of consciousness with potentially no beginning and certainly no ending.

Lost 'n Lazy

Lost ‘n Lazy

Unfortunately for you out there, James Joyce I am not. However, I am a father, an author, a journalist, a hotelier, a guide and potentially a number of other things (and not necessarily in that given order)

Two Babies, very different, on one red-letter week in April


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It truly has been a red-letter week. First I have been celebrating the birth of my son, who came into this world on April 9, and then the publication of my first (non guidebook) book entitled, “Was Gabo an Irishman?” Two very different events but both incredibly emotional and satisfying, you’ll agree.

Two babies, very different, in one red-letter week.

Two babies, very different, on one red-letter week in April.

James wasn’t timed to emerge as a baby of the Bogotazo, but he did so and I

A Preview of the Graffiti at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica


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There are times when one wonders if any students do indeed actually hit the books at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica. As a national public university, the alumni of this prestigious institution receive classes from some of the best teachers around. But, were you to wander around – as I did this Sunday – the Universidad Pedagógica’s small campus located on the Calle 72 and Carrera 11, you might be forgiven for forming the wrong impression of the place.

Universidad Pedagógica Crime and Punishment, the unforgiving central entrance to