Will Medicinal Marijuana Become a Reality in Colombia?


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It’s a breezy mid-August dusk in Bogotá and I’m walking my Weimaraner up from Lourdes Park through the barrio of Chapinero and then into Rosales where we’ll both benefit from a little bit of exercise in the Gustavo Uribe Park. I like this park, it’s enclosed, there are usually dog walkers about and the sound and smog of traffic so ubiquitous in the city are blocked out.


Marijuana for medical use

While the socio-economic divide, when you cross the Avenida Septima

News of a Contract Killing


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The news of a contract killing of a neurosurgeon in Barranquilla in January 2014 did not sound any alarm bells when I overheard the reports that morning. I was otherwise occupied on another story and as unpleasant as the reality of a sicariato in the northern industrial hub of Barranquilla is, it was not a news piece that any of my regular news outlets would buy. In truth I paid it all no mind.

vallenato singer I had met Jorge Daza Barriga in 2007 and he had signed

I’m not going to bitch about Medellin


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No, I am not going to bitch about Medellin, or Bogotá for that matter. I am going to post a series of observations illustrated with photographs and then ask some questions. Hopefully, this way I can protect myself from those who feel strongly, either way, about these cities.

airports colombia

Bogotá’s old El Dorado airport currently undergoing a phenomenal makeover

To rescue Bogotá, we need innovation (see my most recent OpEd for

An Interview with Christopher Kirk on Colombia Calling


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I realise that I am hamming it up a bit for those regular readers of my blog and listeners to my Colombia Calling radio show but, building on the strength of my piece and episode with Colin Post of the Expat Chronicles and his Kickstarter campaign, I feel that it is important to follow-up and give you a teaser post regarding my interview with Christopher Kirk.