Bogotá Stereotype No5: Gomelo Students

As you wander along Bogotá’s San Francisco River (otherwise known as the Eje Ambiental) perhaps admiring the bathing facilities designed by Colombian architect Rogelio Salmona for the city’s superabundance of street-dwelling indigents, or you’re enjoying a stroll through the Plaza de los Esmeralderos or perhaps crossing the Carrera Septima at the tunnel in front of the Javeriana University…you will no doubt be swamped in a dizzying array of Gomelo University Students.

Could Rogelio Salmona have imagined this? (source) Could
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Morales, Bolivar, ground zero as to why Colombia is not at peace

A great deal has been written about regarding the Colombian Government’s peace dialogues with the FARC guerrillas. I have spoken at length about this moment and indeed written a good many news articles about the topic and while I wholeheartedly embrace these immense steps that Colombia is taking towards becoming a country without a conflict with the FARC, there are fully justified doubts and worries which continue to ripple across the nation. The town of Morales and its surrounding regions are central to my concerns about the present and future problems and challenges facing Colombia. Perhaps more

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“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” ― Confucius

45 days remaining a still some way to go…but, it’s all good and I am feeling positive about the Colombia Calling Magazine campaign. Just as the podcast has grown, so too will the support for the magazine.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” ― Confucius

There are 19 backers on board and 45 days remaining to reach the goal.

If we do a little maths and think that on the Colombia Calling FB page there are 1,141 Likes and that each week the

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Support the Independent Media: Colombia Calling Magazine

18 backers on board!

It’s a case of slow and steady, and here I am hoping that slow and steady wins the race or at least reaches the campaign goal.

I am writing this as we sit on the eve of historic events in Colombia, events which will have far-reaching consequences and significance not only for Colombia but for region as a whole. Read the following article if you have not already heard about today’s announements out of Cuba where the peace negotiations are taking place with the FARC guerrillas.

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