A Preview of the Graffiti at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica


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There are times when one wonders if any students do indeed actually hit the books at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica. As a national public university, the alumni of this prestigious institution receive classes from some of the best teachers around. But, were you to wander around – as I did this Sunday – the Universidad Pedagógica’s small campus located on the Calle 72 and Carrera 11, you might be forgiven for forming the wrong impression of the place.

Universidad Pedagógica Crime and Punishment, the unforgiving central entrance to

West of the Avenida Caracas


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Recently I had the good fortune of interviewing someone for my weekly radio show who was bold enough to write the statement on her blog page about the stark reality that most websites: “sugarcoat life in Colombia and, from young traveller’s perspectives, it can seem like 24/7 sun, salsa, parties and attractive women.” Reading this phrase was as good as an epiphanic moment and it was no more impacting than when I took a wrong turn and ended up driving my car a few blocks to the West of the Avenida Caracas.

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The Glory of the Unpretentious Bogota Eatery


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While guidebooks and fluff websites expound Bogotá’s growth, cosmopolitan atmosphere and the city’s now ample variety of international restaurants, bistros, bars and cafes, it is time to remember and applaud the glory of the unpretentious Bogotá eatery.

Grilling up the unpretentious good stuff at the Asadero 5001

Grilling up the unpretentious good stuff at the Asadero 5001

Acting on a tip from a friend reminding me of the Asadero 5001, I was drawn to revisit this lunchroom for the first time after an absence of nearly 9

Jumping on the Bandwagon #ustednosabequiénsoyyo


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I am loath to jump on the bandwagon and having strained against my better judgment to write something about the brutal murder of the four children in Caquetá some weeks ago, today’s news is too much in that I have to unleash and let it rip. With the revelations regarding a certain Nicolas Gaviria #ustednosabequiénsoyyo (nephew to former President Cesar Gaviria) appearing all over the Colombian press and collapsing online forums and twitter feeds across the country, I have decided to weigh in on each of this delectable character’s comments a few days ago in Bogota’s Zona Rosa.