Getting a Fix in the Siete de Agosto


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It was about time for me to pop my Siete de Agosto cherry. In truth I had been avoiding coming down here into the depths of the Barrios Unidos for weeks. It just freaked me out every time I had been stuck in a traffic jam here that vendors would almost press their oil stained faces up close to the car and wave wing-mirrors or windscreen wipers at me. Or worse yet, with just a cursory glance at my car, these vehicle experts would identify some flaw or fault in my ride as yet unknown to

Can Bogotá’s Teatro San Jorge be Rescued?


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“Que buscas joven?”

The woman making the enquiry leant forward on to the damp window on my side of the taxi. Her heavy makeup was poorly applied, it was 8.30am and she looked as if she had been working all night. The security offered by the yellow taxi in which I was travelling felt about as effective as an egg-shell.

The Teatro San Jorge, Bogota on the edge of the Martires district

The Teatro San Jorge, Bogotá on the edge of the Martires district

Ahead of

A Short List of Colombian Paradoxes


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the Colombian lies?

the Government lies?

  • More than six million Colombians are internally displaced but the country mobilizes when 10,000+ are forced to leave the neighboring country of Venezuela.
  • Colombia’s Attorney General Alejandro Ordóñez continues a campaign to dismiss Bogotá Mayor Gustavo Petro from this position despite only a few months remaining to his tenure.
  • People will pick up their dog excrement and bag it and leave it on the ground under 20 yards from the nearest bin.
  • Footballer Radamel Falcao

Casa San Rafael or Mompos House No.3


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We finally managed a holiday this year, the first in 2015, and only five pitiful days in length. For obvious reasons our priorities have changed and time needs to be carefully organized and compartmentalized! But, what can I say, we also skipped off to Mompos for a few days to check in at the Casa Amarilla and to see how some essential restoration works are progressing with our Casa San Rafael or Mompos House No.3.

The fachada or external facade of the Casa San Rafael or House</a>
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