Required Reading for Colombia: a totally subjective and incomplete list

There is an embarrassment of riches on offer to those seeking out Colombian literature in its original Spanish, versions in English or just books on Colombia written in English. This curated list is by no means complete, blending history, politics, early 20th century love stories, journalism, contemporary horrors and magic realism amongst other genres. But, hopefully it provides a starting point for a love-affair with or a deeper understanding of Colombia.

Obviously, no collection of books on

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Flights to Mompós!

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A Colombia Calling inspired Christmas gift list! 

A Colombia Calling inspired Christmas gift list! 

It’s that time of the year, and this year feels distinctly more festive than last, and those of us unaware of VAT free days, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the like will find ourselves scrambling for Christmas gifts for loved ones. So, here we’re going to revisit some of the Colombia Calling podcast episodes for the last couple of years in which people have some interesting things on offer. 

Have a browse and perhaps support a few of our mutual friends.


We’ve been fortunate enough to attract a good number of

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Displaced Embera community occupies Bogotá’s Parque Nacional

Mothers and children make up the majority of the Embera community here, originally displaced from Colombia’s Choco department.
An Embera boy watches from behind a tree as the chicken smokes over a rustic fire
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Colombia and Ecuador are small pieces in this game of Chess

Colombia and Ecuador, currently being visited this week by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are seen as chess pieces in a “new cold war,” being waged by President Biden seeking to abate the influence of China and Russia in the region.

Fair enough, can one conclude?


Should this be the case and given the lack of importance that has been afforded South America by previous US governments, then we have a problem. Re-entering this game is not an easy prospect for President Biden. With all sorts of domestic issues to deal with, Covid-19, the migrant crisis at the

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